Sunday, June 30, 2013

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Pure and Vogue

Hi Everyone! Thank you for checking out my latest post. I have recently been accepted in the Pure Sales Room as a blogger. I will be doing my best to update you on the latest items available. The second round of the Pure Sale Room will open by July 2nd, but right now, they are currently setting up. I will be featuring some items from the event to give you a sneak peek of what is to come.

In the first photo, we have the Jenna outfit from Clothes Couture for The Pure Sales Room. It includes the jumpsuit, the bangle and the flats. A complete outfit for what is to come in the event. Very casual, very neat, it's something you can wear everyday. Also, The photo includes the Just Standing around pose 4 from -Pin me up- Poses, also part of the Pure Sales Room event. 

  The second photo features a jewelry set also from The Pure Sales Room. It is the Beaded Tiger's Gem and Pearls Set. The Dress is a new group gift from Vogue. It's a Lace Mesh Dress. The Vogue Group is free to join and offers wonderful free gifts every month! This one I should say is very nice. It's very detailed and I love the little frills on the bottom.

My Outfit Consists of: 
[1st Photo]
Hair: Truth
Skin: League
Outfit: Clothes Culture: Jenna - Pure Sales Room
Pose: -Pin me up- Poses : Just Standing Around pose 4

[2nd Photo]
Hair: Truth
Skin: League
Jewelry Set: Beaded Tiger's Gem and Pearls Set : Pure Sales Room
Dress: Vogue [Group Gift] [Free]

Again Kindly Check out The Pure Sales Room by July 2nd. Kindly Return by the 2nd and I will update the Landmarks :) Thank you xoxo

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Free to be Sassy

Hello Everyone! Today's post features ~Sassy!~ and PurePoison. The first item, is a dress from ~Sassy!~ This is part of The Boobies Show [June 21-July 17]. It is a layer type of clothing with appliers but the skirt part is mesh. There are several colors for it, but I chose to wear my favorite color Red. The Plum colored one is also really nice, but I just had to wear the red one. The second item I'd like to feature today is the Van Bracelet from Pure Poison. It is currently part of the Endless Summer Hunt and it comes in both Female and Male version. Enjoy!

Ingenue Dress : Sassy! [The Boobies Show]
Van Bracelet: Pure Poison [Hunt Item]
Hair: Truth
Skin: LAQ

Thank you Ivy! xoxo
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Sunday, June 23, 2013

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A Chinese Love Affair

A serenade from the heart is one of the most romantic gestures a woman can receive. Next to hearing the words "wǒ ài nǐ" which means "I love you" in Chinese(Mandarin). If you were given the chance to choose between "true" love and family what would you choose? Would you elope with the love of your life and go against the world to fight for forbidden love? Or would you stay with your family, the people who took care of you your whole life? What will you do?

This post is about a new release from Charltina's. The Asian Mint Dress is a beautifully designed Chinese dress to be worn on special days. This is honestly one of my favorite dresses at this moment. I love the color and patterns on the dress. It is something you can wear on most elegant events. It comes in different colors so be sure to check out the store for more fab finds.  

I liked the dress very much that I decided to take two photos with it. The first photo I thought could symbolize the time a girl feels loved. Very light, very vibrant and calm. This next photo symbolizes a time where you have to make a decision, in this case, love or family. You see the light, you see what you choose, well, in your case, what WILL you choose?

My outfit consists of:
Dress: Charltina's - Asian Mint Dress
Hair: Both From Truth
Skin: 1st Photo: Dr. Life
2nd Photo: League
Lipstick: Medley
Eyelashes: Redgrave
Shoes: N-core

Thank you Lady Charltina xoxo

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Saturday, June 22, 2013

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Announcing A Return~Endless Summer Hunt

After several months of not logging onto SL, I have finally returned! (Which includes blogging). First, I would like to thank everyone who kept on checking my blog for updates. I had to focus on my RL and had some PC problems, but now, all is well. Second, I am here today to bring you some of the items found in the Endless Summer Hunt. There are a lot of stores who are part of this wonderful event. In fact, there's so much of them, I'm only half way through the list. The items included are some of the things I liked most.

First is the knotted shirt from Damned Dolls. The factor I really liked about it was it was in stripes. The fabric/texture it is made of is something I'd like a shirt in RL to wear. I like sleeves like this, although I wouldn't really tie my shirt into a knot in RL, but it's nice in SL. Second is the floral jeans in defunkt. They are very feminine, very pretty. Third is the Garden Bench from A&A. I like how the cloth is tossed over the top. The store does have beautifully crafted items for sale, and are worth a look. They don't over do the prim, but there are a lot of details and decor included, which is a very nice touch. Fourth, is the jewelry set from Collisions. It's an everyday-wear jewelry. The set includes a left and right bracelet. And Fifth, is the skin from mar Creativity Studio. It is very detailed. It came in a cleavage version. In this photo, the skin looks lighter due to my SL environment setting and added lighting.

My Outfit Consists Of:

Hair: Truth - Haven
Eyelashes: Redgrave
Skin: ::mar:: Creativity Studio: Katherina [ESHunt item]
Eyes: Ikon
Jewelry: Collisions
Nails: [ Shock ] Factory - Muerte en color [Group Gift]
Knotted Shirt: Damned Dolls [ESHunt item]
Tank: Jane
Jeans: Defunkt - Floral Jeans [ESHunt item]

Other Items:
Garden Bench : ::A&A:: [ESHunt item]
Pose: Shiseido - Rock Girl Set

Hunt Hints For The Stores Included:
::mar:: Creativity Studio hint: Little Bird
Collisions hint: Nothing says Summer quite like a bit of Calamari. (ooo tentacles!)
[ Shock ] Factory hint: The darkness will save me from your claws
Damned Dolls hint: Take a sit can help you find the gift
Defunkt hint: Follow the flight of the Phoenix 
::A&A::  hint: Love is all you need

For the complete list click HERE

PS: The shade of the skin is lighter in the photo due to my environment setting and added light. The shade of the skin in default setting is:

Please be advised. XOXO

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