Saturday, December 29, 2012

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Day and Night

Hello everyone, today I'll be featuring two new releases from Giulia Design. I thought it'd be nice to blog them together since one could be worn during the day, when all you fine ladies work and the second is for when you'd want to look quite a seductress at home. 

In this first photo, I totally adore the pants. I've worn these types of pants or a couple of times now. I just keep on changing my top. I like the corporate/business attire look, and it works very well with my new hair, which is from Burley. The top has two options for the collar, the normal one and a retro collar. The one I'm wearing is the normal type. The pumps are also part of the set if you buy it. 

Oh yes, I love how low it goes and the way the strap slightly falls on one side.

This one is called Helene, and I gotta say, I love how Giulia sent the one in Red ♥ Anyway, it's very sexy and I think your man would appreciate you wearing them once in a while *winks. This will partly show your nipples which is why I wore a bra. Go get em Ladies

First Photo:  Katty
Second Photo: Helene in Red

Other Items:
Hair: Burley
Skin: League
Pose: Impacto [1st photo]
Closet: Glitterati
Tank: Jane
Bra: Attitude

Thank you Giulia :)

Publisher: Jaden Hollow - 4:55 AM

Thursday, December 27, 2012

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Through The Rain

Hello Everyone! It's been a while since I've last blogged, but I didn't really have a working PC. Anyway, Happy Holidays and may you all have a wonderful New Year. So.. For today's blog post, I wanted to do something a bit special. The photo is supposed to represent strength. That no matter how rainy it gets.. no matter how hard the wind is blowing, one should always find strength to pull through..

I read a quote some days ago, it said "We accept the love we think we deserve". It was from The Perks of Being a Wallflower. At first, I was playing around the idea, just trying to understand since there was a part I did not quite agree on.I think.... we just accept love. At some point, we have all felt the same about love. Some describe it to be similar to having butterflies in your stomach, some say its like being completely happy with someone etc. I think, the idea of the quote popped in mind when they think of women/men who are "abused" by their partner, physically, mentally, emotionally [etc] or that they are simply mistreated. In my opinion, its not that they think they deserve such love, but they hold on or they continue with the relationship because of the love THEY HAVE for their partners. One thing I believe in is that there are no easy relationships. I believe that every couple will go through a series of problems that will test how strong their relationship is. What they have to do, is to hold on and make things work. When you fall in love, you will experience heartbreak. It's inevitable, but that will make you stronger and if you make things work, they should make your relationship stronger. Sometimes we have to experience hurt in order to grow, since some things in life will be best learned through pain.

The french quote on the photo means "You and I.. it doesn't change."  

Okay, so first, we have capri leggings from dirty.little.secret. This one is in steel and as you can see, the designer shaded the side parts, which represents the sewn part, which is nice and shows some realism. The boots are from AngelRED. These are beautiful mesh boots that would be a great addition to your closet. I love the rough leather feel to it, and the buckles was a nice touch. The coat I'm wearing is from Fierce Designs and its one of the gifts available under the Christmas tree in the store. This is a nice gift for a layer/sculpt item. The bottom part is flexi, which is a nice thing for me, since I love how flexi prims move. I like the gloss of the coat and the texture, especially since I adore RED. Finally, we have the scarf which is a gift from the Baiastice group. Its a mesh item, which is nicely textured to look knitted or look like wool. Oh BTW, AngelRED will be having a 50% sale so check out the store

My Outfit Consists Of:

Coat: Fierce Designs - Temptation [Gift]
Scarf: Baiastice - Winter Scarf [group gift]
Leggings: dirty.little.secret - Capri Leggings in Steel
Boots: AngelRED - Frost Boots [exclusive at the FROST event]
Eyeshadow: R.icielli- Cecile Eyeshadow [previous hunt item]
Skin: League
Hair: DeLa
Umbrella: Salt
Pose: Impacto

A quick shout out to my boyfriend.. Baby ♥ I miss you :]
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Saturday, November 24, 2012

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Around the World

Hello everyone! Check out the new goodies from Intrepid and Giulia Design! :)  

First up, we have this lovely dress from GiuliaDesign. This is both mesh and sculpted. The creator used the strapless mesh gown combined with two layers of skirt, one of which is a sheer sequined texture and the other of the same fabric with the mesh gown. The feather-y prims are sculpted and do shimmer nicely. I love the creativity shown in the gown. I love how she combined mesh with normal prims. They don't show the usual skin layers and gives the body more shape and definition.

Style Card:
Dress: Giulia Design: Irmina Dress
Hair: Tukinowaguma
Skin: LAQ
Makeup: Medley

Next is from Intrepid. This is a combination of her Around the World items. These items are a must have for every woman who loves to wear casual attire and/or like the country style look. I like the texture from the flannel shirt, since I think the checkered fabric makes it look interesting. The jeans come with several designs, mostly of flags. The one I'm wearing is the Australian design. The boots are very cute and come in several colors. They would be great for the holidays! 

This is what the designs are supposed to look like from behind

Style Card:
Jeans: Intrepid: Patriot Jeans [Australia]
Boots: Intrepid: Aussie Ugg Boots
Shirt: Intrepid: My Faithful Flannel shirt [Blue]
Tank: Jane
Hair: DeLa
Skin: LAQ
Makeup: Medley

Link to Intrepid

Go get yours now! Thank you Ally and Giulia! :)
Publisher: Jaden Hollow - 7:17 AM

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

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Hot and Cold

Christmas is coming up!  Can you feel the cool winter breeze? I do, then again, I just can't pass up these bra and panty sets from AngelRed Couture and the Fiercely Affordable Sale item from Fierce Designs!

Okay, so in the first photo, we have the comfy&cool Adhoc Jacket from OPOPOP Design. This is a unisex item, so guy, you can go grab one of these for yourself.. better yet get one for your special lady too! The boots are from dirty.little.secret, who is celebrating their anniversary this month of November! So, happy anniversary to your store Tash.. These two items will go great with almost anything in your closet, which makes a great reason why you should get them for yourself. Great textures, easy mesh fitting, but of course, don't forget to try a demo!

First, we have an american eagle fashions inspired set from AngelRed Couture, called AE Bra and Panty Sets. They come in several other colors and something in solid colors, if you're not so into polka dots. As you can see these are very well made, the glow on the textures are lovely and work very well with the chosen fabric. The necklace/collar show on this photo, is the Daxmort V2 collar from OPOPOP Design. It comes with the resize hud to make it easier for everyone. If you are into rock or rugged accessories, this one is for you.

The Outfit Consists of:
Jacket: Adhoc : OPOPOP Design
Bra and Panty: AE Bra and Panty Set: AngelRed Couture
Collar: Daxmort: OPOPOP Design
Boots: Paisely Brownie Cozy Boots: dirty.little.secret
Hair: Dela
Skin: League

Brownie [♥]

Finally, last but definitely not the least, we have the Fiercely Affordable Item from Fierce Designs. Another must-have item from Fierce's collection. For a week, this will be available for only 50Ls. This set is a total Bargain and just look at the qulity of the textures/fabric used. Seductive, yet covers just enough to make you look chic.Very detailed, beautifully shaded and very affordable, what's there to not like?

BTW:The sale includes the flexi lace, as you can see though, you can wear it with or without the lace.

So, this last photo, I wanted to share. The back part of the panty/undies covers a nice amount of buttocks yet make it look spicy and sexy. You don't have to wear a thong to show off your buttocks, you can get this set and show off your booty.

Fierce Lingerie Set: Fierce Designs [50L FASale Item]
Hair: Truth
Skin: League

I would like to thank Lexi, Oursinette, Sally and Tash[Congrats on the Anniversary]

Publisher: Jaden Hollow - 4:26 AM

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

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Waiting For My Prince Charming

I stare at a distance... Nothing is on my mind except the face of the man who claimed my heart. I long for the smell of his perfume, the gentle tone of his voice, the goosebumps from his touch, the sweetness of his kiss... I long for his love that fills me with serenity. Where could I find my prince... 

Have you ever heard of the saying "Someday your Prince Charming will come. Mine just took a wrong turn, got lost and is too stubborn to ask for directions"...Well, Ladies, I got to say that will depend. Don't rush love, and don't be too eager to look for it too. You can't wait for "THE Perfect Man" You just have to wait for "YOUR Perfect Man" Luckily, I found mine.. hmm.. I wasn't really looking for him at all, he actually found me. I got myself a boyfriend whom I truly love. ♥

"I don't want to be Romeo and Juliet. Like prince charming and cinderella, or even Ken and Barbie. I want us to make our own story"

Click the photo to enlarge please. I wouldn't let me make it any bigger unless I allow it to be cut on the sides.  Or click the flickr link: Click Here!

Anyway, this is the first wedding dress, and it is of course an honor.. Thank you for trusting me to blog your wedding gown! This dress is gorgeous. The texture on the lace skirt is lovely and the way it was made to be a two-toned dress; The train as a different color. You can be the sexiest bride with this dress. You will definitely have the crowd's attention with this on. Check out the store and other items they offer.

Style Card:
Wedding Dress: Charltina's : Snow White Bridal Gown [Winter2012] 
Hair: Amacci: Fayne
Flowers[In Hair] : Tukinowaguma: From Maire
Bridal Bouquet: Celestina's Wedding

Thank you so much Charltina! :)

This is a song, that comes up to mind while I was editing:

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Monday, November 5, 2012

The Fiercely Stylish Christmas Hunt

  Christmas is one of the most awaited seasons of the year. This December, Fierce Designs will be organizing a hunt to celebrate all that is stylish in Christmas. This hunt will go on for two weeks and will be featuring items which will make your holiday seasons fabulous. Almost anything will go, even past releases, as long as they follow the guidelines & the rules. Mature Content is allowed as long as it is indicated. The most important thing, the content must go along with the theme or go along with Christmas or Holiday Season.

Would you like to be one of the participating designers? Would you like to know more and get more info on the guidelines to follow? Contact me, Jaden Hollow on here or inworld with the same name. Leave me a notecard. Thank you and talk to you soon!

Publisher: Jaden Hollow - 11:55 PM
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A Little Bit of Everything!

Hi Everyone! Its dress up day today and its a good time to show you three new outfits you should get! First up is the Suelo Dress from Giulia Design. Need to know; yes this is mesh. The belt and boots on the other hand is not. This is a new release from Giulia's and I've seen this in another color, which is purple. Its a complete outfit, so you get the boots and belt as well. 

Outfit: Giulia Design's: Suelo Pink
Hair: Truth

For the second one, we have a hunt item from Intrepid. This is one of the sexiest dresses I've seen on SL and one of the cheapest you can get as well. Seriously, check out this HUNT item from the store. I like the shade of orange used, since its striking yet not too flashy. I also like how the creator blended black with the collar till it faded to the body. 

Intrepid: Autumn Sequin Mini Dress [Dirty Turkey Hunt item]
Hair: Aiko (spring): Mons [SALE on HAIR]

For the last one.. This one is from Dot-Be. This is the new gift for Womenstuff, and apparently another great deal for all you ladies! The dress comes with the mesh stockings and the pants. Lovely textures on the clothes as always. I like the Garter design on the stockings. I like the combination of colors used and, it goes to show, how yet again Boniefacio has done it with his creations.

Rigged Dress, Mesh Stockings and Pants: Dot Be [Womenstuff Gift]
Heels: Luna Leopard: Pixel Mode [Previous Gift]
Bag: Wild Travel Bag: Finesmith [Previous Hunt]
Hair: Aiko (spring): Mons [SALE on HAIR]

Other item:
Skin: League

I would like to thank Boniefacio, Ally and Giulia! xoxo ~Jaden
Publisher: Jaden Hollow - 5:30 PM

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Business as Usual

Are you looking for a nice business attire to make you look fab yet still comfortable while wearing it? Well, Check out Charltina's Business suit. This is a mesh outfit, so make sure you have a mesh enabled viewer. The set also comes with a poncho that I was not able to include, but it does include the hat. I like how the sleeves aren't too long, which means there is space for bangles or other similar accessories. The flare of the slacks are not too wide and so I can wear heels yet look proportional. This comes in several sizes and check out the store for more lovely creations. 

Style Card:
Hair: Truth
Skin: League
Outfit: Charltina's: Business Suit 
Shoes: Pixel Mode [previous gift]

Thank you Charltina!

Publisher: Jaden Hollow - 3:32 AM

Saturday, November 3, 2012

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Embrace your Soul

“Youth is happy because it has the capacity to see beauty. Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old.” ~Franz Kafka

Let your soul embrace you completely... Let it fill you with beauty and youth... Accept your imperfections and empower yourself. This... This is how you live forever..... Hi everyone! Need a beautiful dress that will surely get everyone's attention? Well, Check out this gown from Charltina's. The back-piece you see and the skirt itself is connected in such a way you'd only need to attach one object.

 pssst! Click the photo to see it better! :P
I can't really display the photo any larger in here or it will be cut on the side. Kindly click it to zoom it, see more details, then again.. Here is a closer shot:

The texture is fabulous. The design on the fabric is unique and I love the little details it shows. The layers are obviously revealing, so if you want to show off your alluring body, this dress is for you.

Style Card:

Hair: Tukinowaguma 
Skin: League
Eyelashes: Redgrave
Dress: Charltina's : Soul Embrace Gown [Fall 2012]

Thank you Lady Charltina! :)

Publisher: Jaden Hollow - 12:30 AM

Sunday, October 21, 2012

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Let's Get Fit

For today, since I am always on my computer, and since I don't have much to do this semestral break, I thought I'd try to keep in mind the importance of exercise and keeping fit. I enjoy swimming as long as its not too hot outside. It'd be a nice thought though; to work out on SL, but fortunately unlike RL, we don't have to work out to get a nice body, just a bit of imagination and patience on playing with your shape[I've seen a few workout centers on SL though]. Intrepid has these really nice workout clothes which are mesh. They show a lot of skin, and is easy to fit with my shape. The form on these clothes are really nice, and they will show your buttocks. As you can see they will also show a great amount of cleavage, so If you're gonna go seduce someone in the gym *winks, or would want something sexy for workout clothes these would be a good item to put in your closet. They have 3 color combinations for this set, so you have some choices. For the men, they have a male version of these track pants, so if you want your boyfriend/husband/friend or whoever male you have in mind, you can partner clothes.. :P

Down here, we got an item from OPOPOP, one of their recently released items.  The Dawa MESH shoes are lovely. They come in several delicious colors and would look great to most casual clothes. I really like the shading, depth, and color on these shoes. I also like design or textures she used for the shoelaces and patterned parts, since they give life and they contrast the solid colors. These are unisex BTW

Style Card:
Hair : Truth
Skin: LAQ
Outfit: Intrepid - Track Light Grey/Red
Shoes: OPOPOP Design - Dawa Mesh Shoes

Thank you Ally and Oursinette!
Publisher: Jaden Hollow - 9:12 PM

Friday, October 19, 2012

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Love Me?

You brought light onto my once dark yet safe place... I've lived in this environment for some time now that I am blinded with what you give me.. Its frustrating to understand what it is I feel and what it is I want. Yet the warmth is welcoming that I forget at times who I am. I wish to be free from this enchantment yet I have no idea where I should place myself. If I should risk what it is that I can offer. It's frustrating yet I don't plan on letting go. It's confusing, but I'm not sure how to react to it. As the day passes, and yet again I embrace the darkness, I long the light and I long for warmth. You've made me feel as if there won't be a time you'd leave me cold, but I have to tell myself that that isn't so. You've made me think you are the epitome of life, yet I know I'm deranged to think so.. Sighs* I guess this is what makes life as sad and draining as it is, yet exciting and insane as it can get. As I look inside myself... Is this what they call... Love?

Hello Everyone.. Yes, I'm very late on my posts, but here is a new item from Guila Design, and I thought it was really cute and is a nice seductive casual outfit. It comes with the boots [includes a resizer] and it has several sizes for your body shape.It's been quite some time since I've last worn clothing with a statement or a phrase and I quite enjoy this one. Go get em ladies! :)

Style Card:
Giulia Design : NANA Outfit
Skin: LAQ
Hair: Truth Tamina

Thank you Giula :)
Publisher: Jaden Hollow - 9:49 PM

Sunday, October 7, 2012

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A Witch's Closet

Hello everyone! Still looking for a nice witch costume? Well, check out these witch costumes from OPOPOP Design

Been really busy everywhere, BUT its time to show you guys some really nice witch costumes you can get. These are lovely mesh dresses you can easily wear and the hat is a sculpted. The mesh dress is called Doido and comes in 4 colors. The hat is called Scotchestnut and also has several beautiful colors. Go get it! Wish me luck! I'll be in hell week this week! Woo finals :)

OPOPOP DESIGN [Hats and Dresses]
Skin: Deesses
Hair: Elikatira
Nails: Cara Bella

Thank you so much Oursinette!
Publisher: Jaden Hollow - 8:17 AM

Thursday, October 4, 2012

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Distracted by the Light

Hi there......................... ops got distracted by the light again.. Do you know how beautiful it is to look at the light? It's very warm and calming.. Anyway, I've had a shoot with a friend of mine. Gee. If you've been reading my posts and checking my photos, then you'd know she's the purty girl on the right. She tp'd me to a store name and there we tried our luck on some lucky chairs. Here's what we got:

Okay so most of the items are from u.f.o and these lucky board items are worth the wait. They are beautifully made. Textures are nicely done. The items on those lucky boards would be a nice addition to your closets. They don't take much time to change, so its easy to get your letter!

On Jaden:
Hair: Elikatira - Frost
Shirt: - You are Lucky Girl
Shorts: u.f.o. - We Wanna Hot Pants
Bangles: Purplemoon - Ana Square Bangles
Skin: LAQ

On Gee:
Top : u.f.o friendly sasum - black polka top
 jumpshort: u.f.o kiss on my hip
Hat: u.f.o. - holic hat
Hair: Truth - Bella
Skin: LAQ

Link to: u.f.o
Publisher: Jaden Hollow - 1:02 AM

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fierce Halloween!

Hello everyone! Are you getting ready for Halloween? Well, we are, and it was awesome my Sister and Best Friend Tiffani participated in the photo shoot for my blog! Two thumbs for Tiff!

The item I would like to feature today is one of Fierce Designs New Releases. This is one of Sally's complete outfit creations. It comes with the hat, the collar, the boots and even a broom you can ride. The outfit is called Gothic Witch and it comes in several colors! If you'd like to have one of the best witch outfits on SL Come to the store now! In world, the store also has a haunted house ride you can all try why not try mixing shopping with fun?! Come check out the sim and see our decorations together with the new Hunt items I will post so stay tuned! Here is the link to the store: Fierce Designs

Thank you Sissybff!
Publisher: Jaden Hollow - 11:44 PM

Saturday, September 29, 2012

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Getting Ready For a Jog

Good morning everyone! Are you having a good morning so far? Or a good day wherever u are in parts of the world. Well, I have been having a good time so far and I wanted to go jogging for a bit, try to loose some weight *giggles

1st combination - Pink jogging pants and white hood

and of course the 2nd combination <3

Ok so these clothes are another release from OPOPOP Design, yes, she has a lot of new releases so go check them out! I liked doing a color combination thing on my clothes, so this it. I've blogged about these jogging pants once before, but it goes well with the top so, here it is! Same with all the OPOPOP Items I have blogged before, these are also of high quality. I love the shadows in the top and yo can see how it gives definition to your avatar's body. The hair is from exile and is very cute for most casual clothes! I love them oh so much and let's see if you'll be seeing it often hehe. Its mesh and very fun to use. My nails are on a gloves layer and is from cara bella, although these have been with me for a longtime, I got it when there was a closing sale, so I am not sure if she re-opened or not >.< [I couldn't find it as well]

ok credits credits:

Skin: LAQ
Top : OPOPOP Design - Yorsh in Pink and White
Jogging Pants : OPOPOP Design - Uppercut in Pink and White
Hair: Exile - Bring it on

Thank you Oursinette! :)
Publisher: Jaden Hollow - 7:54 PM

Friday, September 28, 2012


Wooohooo Halloween and the Weekly Sale item! Octoberfest is already starting in Fierce Designs!

Come on over to Fierce for the Fiercely Affordable Friday item which is only for 50LS!

From what you can see, the dress is very nice for going clubbing and at an affordable price too! Come check out all the other goodies set out by Fierce Designs, we have group gifts, lucky chairs, new midnight mania items, lucky chairs, a weekly 1000L raffle and much much more! Also taking in models, applications near the entrance wall :) For bloggers, if you want to blog for fierce send Jaden Hollow a notecard with your name and blog address included thanks ~ :D

Here is your limo: Fierce Designs

Publisher: Jaden Hollow - 5:52 AM
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All around Handy-girl!

Hi all! Feeling like decorating, redecorating or fixing your homes? maybe even just in that jolly mood? Well this is a great time to check out a new featured item from OPOPOP Design!  

This, Ladies is the Chomp in Blue. I think it was a very nice choice to use denim as the fabric. The belt was also a nice touch. It's mesh btw girls.. My hair is from kik, and has 2 style options, well made sculpts and I do love the curls. The accessories are from N@N@ and would be a nice addition to your closets! Go get em ladies! :D

Jumpsuit - OPOPOP Design - Chomp
Accessories - N@N@ - Palmier Set
Hair - kik
Undeshirt - Jane intrinsic tanks
Skin - LAQ

Thank you Oursinette!
Publisher: Jaden Hollow - 5:20 AM

Friday, September 21, 2012

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Keep me Away From the Light

Please keep me away from the light.. don't let the sun burn my delicate pale skin. I shall stay in the shadows till the moon comes... waiting for my next victim... hungry and blood-thirsty...

The mask and scarf seem familiar? Oh well you see that was previously blogged and could be found in the post entitled "Ferociously Me" I've come to show you a new release from the store though.. The armbands that go with it. They don't look as much as the ones in the photo, in this photo it was greatly affected by my windlight settings. It's good to go check it out guys, if it looks like this with windlight, oh well take note of the bumps folds and shading it has .... I also wanted to show you part of the jeans as well, which were nicely made. Kindly check out OPOPOP Design for more items.

Credits to:
Armbands: OPOPOP Design
Hair : Truth
Skin and Eyes: Glam Affair [previous TDR item]

Hey all, been very busy and SL is being mean to me, not letting me in or crashing me every few minutes, hope I can blog more often :* 
Thank you Oursinette! 
Publisher: Jaden Hollow - 6:36 AM

Sunday, September 16, 2012

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Staying up till the Brink of Dawn

Hello everyone! I've decided to stay home today and here is what I came up with:

I decided to wear a nice loose top. At home comfort is my priority, but don't forget about style! I am wearing the lovely swing top from dirty.little.secret. Same with the items I do feature in my blog, this top if of high quality. I like the stripes design and how it looks very casual. You'd probably see me wear one of these RL. I think it makes me look very calm and cool. The glasses are also from D.L.S. Very glass like, its simple yet I think its a good way to be able to wear glasses without it being a "hindrance" on your face. 

YaY my first Deesses' skin! A very beautiful and detailed skin. I loved the little details it has and how it was all shaded. The eyebrows are nicely made, they aren't bushy and I think this will look great with most hairs. The detail on the lips is also lovely, and it comes with a a glossy option, which I think is very nice, gloss makes one's lips more seductive and look delectable *winks.. They also have a cleavage option and its all for a good price. Recommended skin.

The leggings are from D.L.S. They have that mesh look to it, but nope, they are layered and look at how it was very well made. I think the shading on the bottom gives off that mesh-y look. I'd like more of these items. Very detailed clothing, it doesn't look overly done or without detail

I'm admiring these lovely shoes, yet again from D.L.S. they fit my feet very well and I think they would on you as well. BTW I decided to include an item from OBF. The love sofa is very handy indeed. It only has 2 prims, several couples and singles animation for you to enjoy and it comes with a texture change permission too! Its a really nice addition to your home and is definitely light on prim.

Credits to:

Eyelashes: Redgrave
Hair: Truth - Neve
Glasses: dirty.little.secret - crystal glasses [fern]
Leggings: dirty.little.secret  - Capri leggings [earth]
Shoes: dirty.little.secret - Ballet Flats [fern]
Tops: dirty.little.secret - stripe swing top
Skin - Deesses - Kate - Ice Frappe
Eyeshadow - Medley - Brown
Eyes - Ikon
Pose - Impacto
Sofa: OBF - Love Sofa Type - O

Thank you so much Tash ! 
Publisher: Jaden Hollow - 8:16 AM

Saturday, September 15, 2012

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Ferociously ME

Today's featured item is:

An OPOPOP Design New Release! This scarf and mask comes in different colors! I like how the textures look and detail added to the item. It has three parts, the lower scarf, the inner scarf and the mask. It comes with a hud for resizing. I think this is very cool and I would wear it with some casuals I have.Another thing, it is a UNISEX product so boys and girls come and get yours now! The hair is from one of my fave hair stores, Truth.. Like the quality they have been offering ever since, this hair is very well made. I can wear it with almost everything <3

Styling Card:
Hair: Truth - Neve
Scarf&Mask : OPOPOP Design- Chu Hai
Skin: Dr. Life
Eyes: Ikon

For a certain twist to my blog, I will be featuring some items from the Home/Furniture Category for my new section Jaden's Home Making Tips! I will be looking for nice stuff you can add to your own homes. This part I thought of since building/arranging your own home can be difficult at times and I of course experience this as well..I sometimes have beauty over prims arguments which I would like to look in to later on, but if you have troubles over deciding which to get, or if you're the type of person who needs a home makeover well, come and check my blog every so often for some tips and items.

1. Always Remember to Check Prim Count~ I wanted to start with prim counts since, I rent my home on SL, so I need to be very careful with the items I place. Prims are the first thing we look into when buying a home, at least I do, and so this is very important. Prim count is very important especially for renting avatars. A lot of people may have a very limited number of prims, and if you are one of these people, check out the featured item for today! 

Kazza's Easeful Couch is very prim light, the couch itself is only 4 prims, but to use all the items included, you need 12 prims, which is still very light for a living room. This "L" Type Sofa can sit 15 avatars and cuddles for all the couples out there. For more items:

Publisher: Jaden Hollow - 2:08 AM

Sunday, September 9, 2012

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OPOPOP New Release!

Hiiii Everyone! For this post, yes from the title... New Releases from OPOPOP!

I am the type of girl who loves glamour and I do love wearing formal and corporate type of clothing, which is what you'd see me in most of the time, but there are a few stores that make me like wearing casuals when I go roam around or party. One of 'em is OPOPOP Design. Their new release are the top and bottom seen in the photo. Like always, the textures are beautiful. Once you get it, you could actually zoom in and see the detail in that. They have several sizes and colors available in several items. I love the design on that top, it lovely and its something different from the regular patterns you see on fabrics. The bottom, the jogging pants are actually unisex, so this is something the men could look into.  Since I do love music, I like that little clef sign on the right side. The hair was a gacha collaboration item from Zeus and Ribbon. The cap is part of the hair and is a nice touch to it! It comes with an option to change the shade color and a resizer, just click it and you would see a menu that will pop up for options. It's a bargain too! for only 39Ls you could get the chance to win one type! Get all the colors now!

My outfit consists of:
Top: OPOPOP Design - Volga in Black
Jogging Pants/Sweats/Baggy Pants: OPOPOP Design - Uppercut in White
Skin: My Dear
Hair: Zeus and Ribbon - Gacha item
Shoes: Santo - Chucks Black

Thank you so much Oursinette!!
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Saturday, September 8, 2012

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Tribal Elegance

Hi everyone! How have you all been? Oh yes, yes, I am a little behind on my blogging, BUT things are slowing down, so I should be able to blog more.. Anyway, I'll make it up for ya'll  :)) Okay so for today's post........

Yes, I've used this hair before.. I've worn the jewelry you may attach it with though. The skin I am using is from The Dressing Room. A bargain for a well made skin. This is the first time I've seen and heard about swallow and I am hoping to see and hear more about it. I've worn the necklace from a set which I think looked tribal-y and cool. I've had this for quite a while now, yes I don't plan on deleting it. I do like it so. And of course! This lovely mesh gown from Dot-be Fashion. It was made for the Masai Mara Event. I love how the fabric is very detailed. The different strokes and shades used makes it look lively, interesting and lovely to look at. The small rhinestones looked cute and these are definitely worth the look. 

My Outfit Includes:
DRESS: Dot-be Fashion - Masai Mara female
SKIN: Swallow - Lisa Skin [TDR]
HAIR: W&Y - Hair Fair 2 "Type A"
NECKLACE: NHA! - Meredith

Hope you liked it ! Mwah xoxoxoxoxo 
Thank you Boniefacio from Dot-be Fashion
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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

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CWS Finals

Hi everyone! It's been a while since I've last posted... and hopefully I'll be able to blog more often soon as well. I'm just really busy RL and its taking a lot of my time, but here I am now, showing off my outfits used for the finals and some CWS Stages you should really look at!

Let me start with my main outfit. The theme was red shoes, black mini skirt and an updo...

I've decided to go with an outfit that was inspired by the book and movie "The Devil Wears Prada". It's one of my favorite movies that exhibits more of a fashion, styling, and shopping. If you'd like to know more or read more about it click this -> The Devil Wears Prada Plot Summary and Details

Anyway, one of the reasons why I chose these shoes is because they were unique yet quite stylish, and they have that classic pumps shape. It is not shown in the photo but the backside of these pumps have these spikes. Check the link later for better viewing. Next, I chose this skirt because it had this casual-formal feel to it, especially with its shape. This is a mesh skirt and yes it comes in different colors. The top I am wearing is a sculpted shirt that I think has a business-casual look. I think the collar and the sleeves are just lovely and they are from one of my favorite stores on SL. Take a close look at the details added in the shirt. It's what I like, the realistic touch from the texture including the folds, the shade, the shape and the gloss. Lastly, the hair which was actually on sale in the store. It has this accessory included and it has a color HUD to change hair color. Its not the everyday kind of hair which I really liked, especially since it looks just right and it doesn't overthrow my outfit.

Time for the Styling Card

HAIR: W&Y Hair:
MAKE UP: Medley
SKIRT Paperdoll
SHOES: Ricielli

Up next is the bikini outfit!

Yay! I love going swimming and I think this swimsuit would be perfect for all types of strokes. It keeps you covered yet look fabulous! I love wearing this bikini, and I love the sculpted prim for the top included. It also comes with a sarong that has a sculpted knot, which makes it all even better. Yet again, the textures are very realistic. They are beautifully shaded and finalized. I think the designer spent a handful amount of time to create this one. I love its color and how light it is, its perfect for fun in the sun.  I got the hair from Kletva, one of the hairstyles you should have if you like hats as much as I do. The flats have been with me for quite a long time. Try to guess where I got it from :P.. They are very realistic, from the nails, to the toes and the texture of the prim feet. The skin color HUD is very easy to use and I find it easy to match with my skin.

My outfit includes

HAIR: Kletva
GLASSES: Naali's
BIKINI: Leezul

This one's a long post people! Next are the CWS Runways! [Just click on the names to get your private limo to these places]

 Its a really nice look for the beach theme, and I bet it'd look better with better graphics, too bad for me, this is what I can get hehe. Anyway, if you didn't already know, this stage has 2 places wherein you could enter/exit. The main focus is on the middle of the runway, which is beautiful and I think it's a good way to get that attention in the runway.

2.) The CWS Ballroom Stage:

I have to admit this is my favorite stage. From the star positions in the middle, the three interconnected runways, the decorations down to the textures and colors. This stage is amazing. It also changes color!  It reminds me of a fun and retro style which is fun and pleasant to the eyes.

3.) The New Black and White Runway:

 This stage is very elegant. I think it fits those formal and evening types of apparel style, especially since it does overlook an urban city night. The venue is very modern, yet it looks lovely with the center runway above water.

3.) The CWS Dome Runway:

Yes, before you say it, the sculpture is not completely rezzed and it won't rezz for me, so its better you take a look at it yourself *winks... This runway is just fabulous! It deserves a glamorous and moth dropping event with it

4.) The New Red Venue/Runway:

Last but not the least.. and it's in my favorite color! I think this runway is ecstatic. Its Red, it's Gold, and it deserves some well earned attention. It shows a perfect red carpet event for the show and it focuses on the model more. Makes the audience focus on one model at a time.

And that is it! yes, but if you are interested in enrolling in this wonderful modeling school, be sure to click one of the signs in the venue. It will tell you how to join or simply contact Anrol Anthony. I had one of the best experiences in this university and I hope you all get to try it as well. That is it for now people, hope u liked today's post.. love love love ~Jaden
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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Freebies at its Finest!

Hello all you lovely people! This is my outfit for today and for the modeling midterm we are to have... well, this is just one so stay tune for more, more of what I am to post :D

 A lovely afternoon to everyone. I have always believed that you do not need to buy expensive clothes to be fabulous., and with that said, I am here to show you all how freebies can be glamorous as well. I've decided to go with a seductive and revealing yet beautifully made dress. I think that there is a very limited number of amazing gown and dresses that you can get for free, therefore I'd like to show you one of the best ones I can find. I have always loved Free things, but who doesn't really? :)

For today, I've put together two dresses. Both are from World's end Garden. The top and pants are from a different outfit from my skirt. I've combined the best gifts from a few stores to create this unique look for the midterm test. I wanted to project what CWS has taught me so far. From being unique to stylish to classy and attractive.

My outfit consists of The following freebies:
EYES: Adam and Eve Eyes - Lavendardell
LIPSTICK: Cheap makeup - Plum pudding
DRESS1[TOP AND PANTS]: World's End Garden - Le Dernier Lamento
DRESS2[SKIRT, STOCKINGS AND GLOVES]: World's End Garden - La Nuit Du Chasseur
COLLAR: World's End Garden - La Nuit Du Chasseur
SKIN: Al Vulo - al vulo- renzie* eclypse group gift
SHAPE: Custom
SHOES: World's End Garden - Le Dernier Lamento
HAIR: Bliss Couture - Bliss Couture 4th Member Appreciation Hunt Hair (Noir)
HAT: World's End Garden - :::WEG:::Romance Le Noir Hat

I would like to thank Ms. Anrol and Mr. Steve for the opportunity they gave each aspiring model and Fashionista to learn the basic and advanced modeling techniques and how to's, as well as the executive trainers who gave their time and effort to guide the students. I wish you all a wonderful day !

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