Wednesday, July 31, 2013

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A Lady's Woe

He suddenly leaves... and here you are left wondering if he'd ever come back... if you would be able to talk to him... if you would ever see him again.. What will you do?

I have seen this several times, and I have seen people react differently. I think this is how it usually starts out...

Week 1: You continue with your daily routine. Yes, you will miss him, and you will be confused as to why he left. You are worried, but you have high hopes he'd come back. You will hold onto this.

My Outfit Consists Of:
Hat: Bliss Couture: Hunt item
Hair: Elikatira: Studio [Sale]
Skin: Poudre: Iris [NEW]
Top: Promagic: Open Back Halter [10Ls]
Bangles: Real Evil Industries: Nox Silver Bangles [Free inworld]
Nails: Ricielli: French Nails [15Ls]
Skirt: Bliss Couture: Hunt item
Shoes: Elikatira: Move Pumps in Onyx
Pose: Starry Heaven: Sara Pose 5

Earrings: Bliss Couture: Chain Earrings [Hunt item]
Make Up: Bliss Couture: Lace [Hunt Item]

Week 2: You will think about everything he might not like about you and think if you've done anything that might have upset him enough to leave you. You might wonder if he has found someone else. You'd think about everything you've been through together and assure yourself you've both done good. You will hold onto this.

My Outfit Consists of:
Outfit: Giulia Design: Giselle 
Skin: Al Vulo [TDR Fusion Sale Item]
Pose: Starry Heaven: Rina Pose 2

Week 3: You will miss him terribly and you will feel that pain. Even if you aren't sure if he'd never come back, you'd be hurt and reminisce. You will think about holding on or letting go.. You want him back...

 My Outfit Consists of:
Outfit: Vero Modero: Giselle 
Skin: Al Vulo [TDR Fusion Sale Item]
Pose: Starry Heaven: Rina Pose 3

“If you have to speculate if someone loves you and wants to be with you, chances are they don't. It's not that complicated. Love, in most cases, betrays the one feeling it. Don't waste moments waiting and wondering. Don't throw away your time dreaming of someone that doesn't want you. No one is that amazing, certainly not the one who would pass you up.” 

What will you do? Will you hold on and fight for what you feel? Or will you let go and prioritize yourself and think of how you deserve better? 

You are worth it. Never expect anything less. You deserve to be loved

Thank you very much to Bouquet, Emirun, Giulia and Ambra!
Publisher: Jaden Hollow - 11:52 PM

Saturday, July 27, 2013

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Fabulous Finds

Hello Ladies! We have more items for you to enjoy. Let's start with a New Release from Shiki. This Urban Web Dress comes in several colors and I wanted to share them with you. The structure of the dress itself is unique. Yet, the fabrics show great quality. The colors are very light and fun. The next release is a new pair of shoes from Essenz. Essenz is a new brand that already offers quality shoes for very affordable prices. The owner/designer is very nice and I'm sure customer service will be as good. The pair of shoes is called Sydney and comes in several different colors. Easy use of HUD, preset colors include my skin tone and several others. Don't forget to wear your blending socks!

Dress: Shiki: Urban Web Dress in Rose Pink
Shoes: Essenz: Sydney in White
Pose: Elephante Poses: Hella Good # 3 [Food Fair]

Dress: Shiki: Urban Web Dress in Solar Heat
Shoes: Essenz: Sydney in White
Pose: Elephante Poses: Hella Good # 2 [Food Fair]

Dress:Shiki: Urban Web Dress in Metro Sky
Shoes: Essenz: Sydney in White
Pose: Elephante Poses: Hella Good # 4 [Food Fair]

Nails: Shock: Happy Halloween Nails [Free Group Gift]
Cup Included in the Pose Set from Elephante Poses

Next, we have more items from the Pure Sales Room! La Flour placed these lovely corset dresses as sale items for the pure sales room! It comes in several other colors which will definitely show your sexy bod. Another new release are the Melissa Wedge Sandals from Pure Perfection! Mesh shoes with blending socks for your convenience! We also have a group gift from Finesmith called Love Angel! It includes the necklace, earrings and bracelet. 

Dress: La Flour: Gothic Corset Dress [Pure Sales Room] in white
Accessories: Finesmith: Love Angel
Shoes: .Pure Perfection: Melissa Wedge Sandals in Aztec
Pose: ::Wetcat:: "Almost Ready" # 1 [Shoes Fair]

Dress: La Flour: Gothic Corset Dress [Pure Sales Room] in Pink
Accessories: Finesmith: Love Angel
Shoes: .Pure Perfection: Melissa Wedge Sandals in Brown
Pose: ::Wetcat:: "Almost Ready" #2 [Shoes Fair]

Dress: La Flour: Gothic Corset Dress [Pure Sales Room] in Blue
Accessories: Finesmith: Love Angel
Shoes: .Pure Perfection: Melissa Wedge Sandals in Wood
Pose: ::Wetcat:: "Almost Ready" # 3 [Shoes Fair]

Dress: La Flour: Gothic Corset Dress [Pure Sales Room] in Red
Nails: Shock: Frosty Penguin Nails [Group Gift]
Pose: AGP Big Gown
WetCat's Pose Includes a Shoe Prop for you to use :)

Other items:
Hair: D!va: Manon
Skin: Glam Affair

I would like to thank Shinichi, Ellie, Melissa, WetCat, and Senzati0n! :)

More to come!
Publisher: Jaden Hollow - 1:04 AM

Friday, July 26, 2013

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Red Mint and Pure Perfection

Hello Ladies! SL finally decided to let me take photos hehe. Anyway, things are running better now and I hope it would improve or stay that way for at least some time. I have more items for you today, but let's start with Red Mint and Pure Perfection. The dress is a new Release from Pure Perfection which lets you choose from three colors. At the same time, I have three items from Red Mint included in the hair fair. 

Hair: Red Mint: Hair No. 13'13
Dress: Pure Perfection: Savi Halter Dress Black

Hair: Red Mint: Hair No. 14'13
Dress: Pure Perfection: Savi Halter Dress Pink

Hair: Red Mint: Hair No. 15'13
Dress: Pure Perfection: Savi Halter Dress Aqua

Other Items: 
Skin: Glam Affair [100L Sale]
Freckles: Glam Affair : Leah Freckles A
Lipstick: Glam Affair: Leah Lipstick 09
Eyes: Glam Affair: Stella Eves V2 08
Accessories: Baubles! For the Pure Sales Room: Vintage Beaded Bangles and Earrings
Nails: S H O C K: Glitter nail [Group Gift]

Thank you Ellie and Moni! :)
Publisher: Jaden Hollow - 9:51 PM
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Summer to Fall Transition

Hello Everyone, I've been having a lot of difficulty taking photos recently, but I did want to share a lot of items. Since Fall is already on its way, I wanted to include some items you could possibly use for fall, and ones you can wear while summer is still here. Is it only me though experiencing these bad SL times? I can't even actually save photos in other viewers. If I take the normal size of photos, it'd contain these black rectangular boxes. It's been frustrating and I've been trying to work around it, but it only gets worse. I do hope things get better for SL. I do have tons of other stuff for everyone to see, so please do wait around for that. I'd like to maintain a quality for my photos.. Anyway, Here are the items for today.

Leggings on the right: Gizza Previous Leather Gift
Boots on the Right: Elikatira [SALE Item]
Skin [Left]: Like Design
Skin: [Right]: Glam Affair
Pose: Right: Elephante Poses at Food Fair: Sugar Feelings #2 [includes the ice cream]

Shape : Glam Shapes: Sybil shape
Earrings- Finesmith April gift
Bangles - DBL ms lorens bracelets ( free) Dressed by lexi
Lipstick- Pink acid: deja lipgloss and teeth
Swimsuit: All the Pieces Fits: Black Retro Bikini [Lucky chair gift]

Shape: Glam Shapes: Mia Teen Shape
Shades: XRAYED Shades [FREE]
Hair: Red Mint : Hair No. 15'13 [Hair Fair!]
Swimsuit: Shiki: New Swimsuit Red Hibiscus
Shoes: Pure Perfection: Melissa Wedge Sandals 

Thank you Ellie, Shinichi, , Melissa, and Tia Sybil!

Publisher: Jaden Hollow - 5:38 PM

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Aphrodite Shop ~ Furniture post

Hello Everyone! I'd like to do a post featuring furniture items from Aphrodite Shop. This is I think the first or second time I've blogged about furniture, and boy, I have to say, it's very different from taking avatar photos. When taking furniture shots, it's harder to look for the angles I want to see. Today's Post is about 2 new furniture sets from the Aphrodite Shop. I have been playing around with the furniture and there are three things I noticed; one is that the textures of the items are very detailed, two, is that they are nicely placed. This was of course already set this way, all you need to do is to use the rezzer for it. It looks complete in such a way that you do not need to add any more accessories. It's already all there. Third, I like the animations. This goes for both of the items. 

"Simplicity" Couple Living Room

The second item is the sauna and shower set which also comes in animations for couples and non-couples. The shower was very nice. I liked how simple but different it looks from normal showers seen on sl. Most showers I've seen were just made of glass. This really is a set to catch up on the spring and summer seasons. The sauna has opening doors as shown in the photo, and even has the towels and bathrobe inside for your convenience. The thing I liked most about this set though is that it gave me this 3D mask set. The sets minimize prim usage even though it does include several accessories for the items. I think that is the best part. Unless you can afford hundreds or thousands of prims, you have to look our for your prim usage, and these are items that you can benefit from, especially when you have visitors over. They will surely love these items.

Spring and Summer Barrel Sauna and Shower

Other item: Studio: Willow

Thank you for reading this till the end. I will do my best to be better in taking furniture photos. I hope you liked today's items.

Thank you Marina 

Publisher: Jaden Hollow - 6:47 AM
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Kabuki ~ Special Post

Hello Everyone, it's been a hell of a day, but I just returned from a real life seminar, entitled "The Next Big Thing: Trendsetter Marketing". Right now, I have a special post, since I don't usually do these kind of photos, but I fortunately found someone to pose with me, to blog about the new pose from Kabuki Creations. This is a sweet animation which changes from the lady being held, to a pose for them to kiss. This contains very smooth animations as you should expect from Kabuki, and is very easy to use.


Pose: Kabuki Creations: You & I
Skin: Poudre: [Pure Sales Room]
Accessories:  [Pure Sales Room]
Lingerie: Zaara
Hai: Truth: Kalia

Thank you Naku, and Ambra :)
Publisher: Jaden Hollow - 5:23 AM

Saturday, July 20, 2013

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Outfit Overload

Good morning Ladies! I have tons of outfits for you today. If I wrote about them one by one, it'd prolly take up a couple of paragraphs. Anyway, we go new releases from Essenz, Pure Perfection, Gizza and OPOPOP. We also have an item from The Pure Sales Room and a lot of dollarbie accessories. Glam affair is having a sale! Skins for only 100Ls. Free Dress from Sassy! and an awesome item from the Food Fair Event! Check it out!

Dress: .Pure Perfection: Frilled Samantha Dress
Earrings: Kosh: Selva Oscura [1L]
Bracelet: Kosh: Selva Oscura [1L]
Nails: Karacter: Ella Nails [1L]
Pose: Starry Heaven: Cocoa 5: Found here: Pure Sales Room

Outfit: Gizza: Boho Outfit
Pose: Starry Heaven: Satomi 4: Found here: Pure Sales Room

Dress: Sassy!: Words Aren't enough [Gift]
Necklace: Kosh: Rapture [1L]
Earrings: Kosh: Rapture [1L]
Shoes: Essenz: Rio
Pose: Starry Heaven: Satomi 5: Found here: Pure Sales Room

Outfit: OPOPOP Design
Skirt: Pampa in Red
Top: Morita in Red
Boots: Zilfi
Pompoms: Animated Bimbo Cheer Pom [Free]
Pose: Starry Heaven: Cocoa 5: Found here: Pure Sales Room

Dress: Bomshie: Grapes of Wrath: [included in the Food Fair]
Shoes: Essenz: Rio
Earrings: Kosh: Selva Oscura [1L]
Pose: Starry Heaven: Cocoa 3: Found here: Pure Sales Room

Other Items Included in the Photos:
Skin: Glam Affair: Lilith [Sale 100Ls] 
Hair: D!va: Asami: Red Amber
Hair 4: Truth: Essie [previous sale]
Eyes: Glam Affair: Stella Eyes V2-08
Lipstick: Glam Affair: Leah Lipstick 21

P.S. Click the photo for a closer look :)
I would like to thank Auster, Bomshie, Ivy, Ellie, Senzati0n, and Oursi!
Publisher: Jaden Hollow - 5:32 PM

Thursday, July 18, 2013

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A Time to Shop

Ladies! We have another New Release today! Sascha has released a new item called Manita and it comes in several colors. The one I'd like to show today is a mix of the White and Beige Set. There are several tops you can change into when wearing the outfit. It even has the long or short top option. Aside from that, it has the skinny jeans or harem pants option. It will also include two color options for the jacket. There are tons of ways to mix and match the set, but this is the one I liked most. I've never really even wore harem pants, just because I didn't think it'd look nice, but apparently it does! So check out Sascha's Store for more!

My Outfit Consists Of:

Hair: Elikatira: Again
Glasses: M.A.T. Sunglasses: VIP Black Night
Skin: Glam Affair: Lulu
Outfit: Sascha's Designs: Manita [New Release!]
Shoes: Leverocci: Python 130
Bag: Ricielli: Yuse Bag [Previous Sale Item
Nails: Shock: Fever Nails
Pose: XOXO

Thank you Sascha!
Publisher: Jaden Hollow - 7:20 AM

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

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Come and Get it

Hello Everyone. I've recently Changed viewers and I've been playing a lot with the windlight settings and this is what I got. I'm wearing an item from Gizza, called Romantic Rendez-vous in Green. I will be posting more stuff from Gizza, as well as Sascha's Design Soon, so please do check back or follow me here. Anyway, back to the outfit. The outfit is a combination of mesh and prim objects. The HotPants are mesh and are complimented with the skirt which is a prim attachment. The textures as you can see are beautiful, just like most clothes from Gizza, you can expect it to be of high quality. The necklace is part of the whole outfit. Do check out their sim for more awesome finds.

Outfit: Gizza - Romantic Rendez-vous [Green]
Nails: Shock [previously blogged]
Skin: Glam Affair
Pose: Shiseido 

Okay, so recently I've been listening to this song, and I've been playing it while I was editing and I thought it fits the photo for today.. Come and get it ladies.  :)

Thank you Mr. Auster
Publisher: Jaden Hollow - 11:41 PM

Sunday, July 14, 2013

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A New Beggining: Part 2: Sascha's Designs

 At one point or another we have to bid farewell to the things we have come to know so well. We have to learn to let go of things that no longer serve us any purpose. We have to let go of people who only bring us down. With a new chapter in my life, I would like to bid farewell to all the people and things that gave me pain in the past. It is a new dawn and a new chapter in my book I shall start. This post symbolizes all that is broken, but beauty shall come out from it.

Today's featured designer is Sascha Frangili who made this gorgeous dress. There are many parts which I liked and one of which is the ability to choose which skirt to go with it. This is called Vin.

I decided to take a closer photo to show everyone the amount of detail put into the dress. The lace layer is absolutely sexy. There are several prims to add on the top and it makes it look just beautiful. I felt like I no longer needed to wear a necklace to go with it, and I am happy about the result. It's definitely worth a look, so go check out Sascha's Designs

My Outfit Consists of:
Hair: Tukinowaguma
Skin: Essences [188L Collabor88 Sale item]
Dress: Sascha's Designs: Vin
Pose: AGP

Thank You Sascha!
Publisher: Jaden Hollow - 6:38 AM

Saturday, July 13, 2013

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A New Beginning: Part 1: Guilia's Design

Ladies! I have wonderful news! I just upgraded my Video Card! Finally, I can take photos with shadows, skies and reflections. This is the first part of The "A New Beginning" Title. I decided to take several different photos with my Video Card and I can't wait to share them all with you! I will be featuring a designer post per post. This is of course till I finish the ideas I currently have. Check my blog every once in a while to see your favorite designers, or learn more about ones who also create beautiful Clothes. Anyway... For the first part, I would like to feature Guilia Design who has been sending me several gorgeous gowns! I have two of them here for you now....

First we have... The Cremy Red Gown, which also comes in Black&White. The main part of the gown in made of mesh, and the skirt out of prims. It is very detailed and as you can see will be a good way to show off your body. The skirt the usual size of a mermaid dress. This will work great with your first date. The first impression lasts!

My Outfit Consists Of:
Hair: Truth : Leesa
Skin: Glam Affair
Dress: Guilia Design: Cremy Red
Shoes: Elikatira [previously blogged] 
Pose: Impacto

Next, we have the gorgeous Kristen Nero Dress. Kindly click on the photo so you can see better. The dress has this big long train which has sparkly fabric similar to the Cremy Red Dress. I do really like how it shows off my legs. Guilia is one of the New Designers who are able to create wonderful clothes. Check out her store for more!

My Outfit Consists Of:
Hair: Truth : Leesa
Skin: Glam Affair
Dress: Guilia Design : Kristen Nero
Shoes: Elikatira [previously blogged] 
Pose: WetCat

Thank you Guilia!
Publisher: Jaden Hollow - 3:15 AM

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

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Hello Ladies! We have a special post today! A sporty outfit from OPOPOP and a Formal Dress from Giulia Design. Both New Releases! Different styles, but both very stylish. I have to say though, I notice how Giulia Design has been doing great with putting together mesh and prim clothing together. I also really liked how Giulia puts these glittery/shiny prims on the dress. They really do look nice inworld and I really like that. It's as if it's saying, "hey everyone, look at me!". Also, it works great cause it's supposed to be summer! In most countries at least.

Hair: Truth
Skin: Glam Affair [Previous TDR Item]
Dress: Giulia Design - Dayana Flower Yellow

Next is this casual outfit from OPOPOP. It's been a long time since I last blogged about the store, but here I am again with their items. We have the mesh outfit Saudade in Red. As usual, my favorite color. This is a one-wear outfit and it comes in several different sizes and colors. The shoes are also from OPOPOP but they are called Punch in Red Mesh Shoes. It's nice that the leg warmers can change colors. The overall outfit is very sporty. It's like something I'd wear when working out. 

Hair: Maitreya: Uma [Sale Sale Sale!] [75Ls for Hair]
Skin: Glam Affair
Outfit: OPOPOP Design: Saudade in Red
Shoes: OPOPOP Design: Punch in Red

Thank you Giulia and Oursinette!
Publisher: Jaden Hollow - 7:32 AM

Friday, July 5, 2013

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Summer Outfits

Good Evening Ladies! I have several outfits for you today. We have New Releases, Discount Items, and Freebies! Let's start with a New Release from SHIKI. It's definitely summer in these new swimsuits. It comes in several delicious colors, very light ones that go with the season. Where I'm from though, it's the wet season. [We only have 2 seasons; The Wet and The Dry]. I do love it when it's cold here. It's usually really warm and this is a nice change. I like the rain, but I don't want to go to school while it's pouring out there. Anyway, the sarong was a very nice touch. I would love to walk around in bikini with this along.

I know it's a little late for a July 4th item, but it will still be available and it Is a cute headband. It comes in different versions. This one is a group gift from Rotten Defiance. It was sent from the subscribo, so it won't do any harm to your limited number of groups. Also, we have another group gift, which are the nails from Shock. You can change it into different colors, with the HUD included in the pack. They have several other group gifts available for all the women. There is no fee to join.

My Outfit Consists Of:
Hair: Truth
Skin: League
Headband: Rotten Defiance [Gift]
Swimsuit: SHIKI: Crimson Beach Chic Swimsuit
Nails: Shock: Glitter Storm Nails [Group Gift]
Pose: Label Motion: Abbie Pose 5

Next we have a discount item from LivGlam for the Pure Discount Room. As you can see, this is absolutely gorgeous. This is the type of maxi dress I would really wear. It comes in different colors. The hat is a wonderful creation from Gizza, and the Tote is a Free Gift

My Outfit Consists Of:
Hat : Gizza
Hair: Truth
Skin: Glam Affair
Dress: Liv Glam: Pure Discount room
Tote Bag: Coco [Gift]
Pose: Label Motion: Abbie Pose 5

Last, but definitely not the least is another dress from this round of Pure Discount Room. This one is from the Pure Perfection Store. It is a very cute summery dress which I liked a long time ago. I almost bought the full perm. set, and fortunately I did not. This comes in other versions, and this is the one I liked most. It's very fun, very casual, very beautiful to wear. The shoes and hair are from Elikatira. They are having a big sale on the store. The hair pack was only 75 Lindens. The shoes were even cheaper! I bought a few pumps and some nice boots on the store. The bangles are a discount item also from the Pure Discount Room. Do check the store out and you'll definitely find something you'd like. I know I did *winks

My Outfit Consists Of:
Hair: Elikatira: Over [Sale!]
Skin: League
Dress: Pure Perfection : Retro Dress : Navy Pure Discount room
Bangles: Baubles by Phe Artist's Bangles [Pure Discount Room]
Shoes: Elikatira: Move Pumps: Onyx  [Sale!]

Thank you Shinichi and Ellie!

Publisher: Jaden Hollow - 7:50 AM