Sunday, October 21, 2012

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Let's Get Fit

For today, since I am always on my computer, and since I don't have much to do this semestral break, I thought I'd try to keep in mind the importance of exercise and keeping fit. I enjoy swimming as long as its not too hot outside. It'd be a nice thought though; to work out on SL, but fortunately unlike RL, we don't have to work out to get a nice body, just a bit of imagination and patience on playing with your shape[I've seen a few workout centers on SL though]. Intrepid has these really nice workout clothes which are mesh. They show a lot of skin, and is easy to fit with my shape. The form on these clothes are really nice, and they will show your buttocks. As you can see they will also show a great amount of cleavage, so If you're gonna go seduce someone in the gym *winks, or would want something sexy for workout clothes these would be a good item to put in your closet. They have 3 color combinations for this set, so you have some choices. For the men, they have a male version of these track pants, so if you want your boyfriend/husband/friend or whoever male you have in mind, you can partner clothes.. :P

Down here, we got an item from OPOPOP, one of their recently released items.  The Dawa MESH shoes are lovely. They come in several delicious colors and would look great to most casual clothes. I really like the shading, depth, and color on these shoes. I also like design or textures she used for the shoelaces and patterned parts, since they give life and they contrast the solid colors. These are unisex BTW

Style Card:
Hair : Truth
Skin: LAQ
Outfit: Intrepid - Track Light Grey/Red
Shoes: OPOPOP Design - Dawa Mesh Shoes

Thank you Ally and Oursinette!
Publisher: Jaden Hollow - 9:12 PM

Friday, October 19, 2012

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Love Me?

You brought light onto my once dark yet safe place... I've lived in this environment for some time now that I am blinded with what you give me.. Its frustrating to understand what it is I feel and what it is I want. Yet the warmth is welcoming that I forget at times who I am. I wish to be free from this enchantment yet I have no idea where I should place myself. If I should risk what it is that I can offer. It's frustrating yet I don't plan on letting go. It's confusing, but I'm not sure how to react to it. As the day passes, and yet again I embrace the darkness, I long the light and I long for warmth. You've made me feel as if there won't be a time you'd leave me cold, but I have to tell myself that that isn't so. You've made me think you are the epitome of life, yet I know I'm deranged to think so.. Sighs* I guess this is what makes life as sad and draining as it is, yet exciting and insane as it can get. As I look inside myself... Is this what they call... Love?

Hello Everyone.. Yes, I'm very late on my posts, but here is a new item from Guila Design, and I thought it was really cute and is a nice seductive casual outfit. It comes with the boots [includes a resizer] and it has several sizes for your body shape.It's been quite some time since I've last worn clothing with a statement or a phrase and I quite enjoy this one. Go get em ladies! :)

Style Card:
Giulia Design : NANA Outfit
Skin: LAQ
Hair: Truth Tamina

Thank you Giula :)
Publisher: Jaden Hollow - 9:49 PM

Sunday, October 7, 2012

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A Witch's Closet

Hello everyone! Still looking for a nice witch costume? Well, check out these witch costumes from OPOPOP Design

Been really busy everywhere, BUT its time to show you guys some really nice witch costumes you can get. These are lovely mesh dresses you can easily wear and the hat is a sculpted. The mesh dress is called Doido and comes in 4 colors. The hat is called Scotchestnut and also has several beautiful colors. Go get it! Wish me luck! I'll be in hell week this week! Woo finals :)

OPOPOP DESIGN [Hats and Dresses]
Skin: Deesses
Hair: Elikatira
Nails: Cara Bella

Thank you so much Oursinette!
Publisher: Jaden Hollow - 8:17 AM

Thursday, October 4, 2012

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Distracted by the Light

Hi there......................... ops got distracted by the light again.. Do you know how beautiful it is to look at the light? It's very warm and calming.. Anyway, I've had a shoot with a friend of mine. Gee. If you've been reading my posts and checking my photos, then you'd know she's the purty girl on the right. She tp'd me to a store name and there we tried our luck on some lucky chairs. Here's what we got:

Okay so most of the items are from u.f.o and these lucky board items are worth the wait. They are beautifully made. Textures are nicely done. The items on those lucky boards would be a nice addition to your closets. They don't take much time to change, so its easy to get your letter!

On Jaden:
Hair: Elikatira - Frost
Shirt: - You are Lucky Girl
Shorts: u.f.o. - We Wanna Hot Pants
Bangles: Purplemoon - Ana Square Bangles
Skin: LAQ

On Gee:
Top : u.f.o friendly sasum - black polka top
 jumpshort: u.f.o kiss on my hip
Hat: u.f.o. - holic hat
Hair: Truth - Bella
Skin: LAQ

Link to: u.f.o
Publisher: Jaden Hollow - 1:02 AM

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fierce Halloween!

Hello everyone! Are you getting ready for Halloween? Well, we are, and it was awesome my Sister and Best Friend Tiffani participated in the photo shoot for my blog! Two thumbs for Tiff!

The item I would like to feature today is one of Fierce Designs New Releases. This is one of Sally's complete outfit creations. It comes with the hat, the collar, the boots and even a broom you can ride. The outfit is called Gothic Witch and it comes in several colors! If you'd like to have one of the best witch outfits on SL Come to the store now! In world, the store also has a haunted house ride you can all try why not try mixing shopping with fun?! Come check out the sim and see our decorations together with the new Hunt items I will post so stay tuned! Here is the link to the store: Fierce Designs

Thank you Sissybff!
Publisher: Jaden Hollow - 11:44 PM