Tuesday, October 8, 2013

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An Elegant Affair

Hello Everyone. For today, I have been inspired by the beautiful Lana Del Rey. I have been listening to her songs lately and I was enchanted by her voice. I have been playing her songs over and over not feeling the need to change them. I am actually the type to listen to almost anything that floats my boat, as long as I find the lyrics and melody interesting. I know we all have different tastes in music, you may also like or dislike Lana, I don't really mind either way. Back to my post, I've wanted a post that showed elegance and grace as I am wearing a lovely gown from Sascha's Designs. It's called Eliemee. If you didn't already know, Sascha creates gown with different skirts and extras. It is very handy, since if you could style it in different ways and mix and match most of her casual clothes. Sometimes even the Gowns. I absolutely loved how the dress sparkles and creates that "I'm elegant, sexy and expensive" look. The thing is, the items from Sascha's are affordable but of quality. You can also join her store group since she has gifts every month [another something to look forward to] for a small fee. I've been part of that group for mo than a year now and it's worth it let me tell ya. 

Next, we have a skin from Yoon. One of the things I liked most about it is how the skin is very smooth and creamy. The lips are easy to edit [since mostly I have a hard time getting the lips to look how I want them to be] which is nice and it has this very soft glow to it. The jewelry are form Chop Zuey. They are sold separately and comes in different colors. One thing easily notable about the Jewelry is the outstanding quality. It actually looks like it sparkles and it has a unique feel to it coming from the gems used. 

Style Card:

Hair: Vanity Hair: Candice 
Bracelet: Chop Zuey: Grace Notes SLV/D
Earrings:  Chop Zuey: Arpeggio SLV/D
Necklace:  Chop Zuey: Symphonie Fantastique SLV/D
Skin: Yoon Skin: Jenna Pale Lust
Dress: Sascha's Designs :Eliemee Black
Pose: ::WetCat:: : Paula 8

Thank you Sascha, Kitori, Wetcat, Belle & Tabata ♥